Donnerstag, 26. September 2019

HELLO Greta Thunberg

No-one but you yourself can take away your dreams.

This isn't about pressing  - bringing charges.

Nobody is guilty.

Every human being is perfect because he is.

All human beings are perfect,  just the way they are.

We need consciousness. An expansion of our consciousness. Healing. 

We need more awareness. Increased awareness.

Consciousness cannot be enforced. 

The attitude of „knowing better“, „being right“, leads to opposition.

When you start fighting, opposing something, 
being in opposition to something, 
You start creating polarity and therefore division, 
You create "something bad".

Understand why you accuse others of being guilty but exempt yourself.

Actions and thoughts have power if they come from intact, 
conscious neutrality 
and not from self-worth, wounds, anger or hatred.

It's time to grasp what community and love are all about.

It´s time to understand the deeper sence, 
the meaning of community and love.

There's no reason to be afraid.

Earth and the human beings are undergoing a process of transformation.

No more and no less.

Consciousness produces a different quality of actions.

The consciousness the level of your sanity flows into the world, 

the big picture.

It is time for forgiveness. 

It is time to trust.

It is time to love, unconditionally. 

30thof September 2019