Sonntag, 29. September 2019

How much power does man have?

How much power does man have?

It is by no means always humans who cause destruction.

Man is creator and yet at the mercy of the goals of the "one consciousness".

What does not correspond to the plan of consciousness cannot come about.

What does not correspond to the great process, 

the being of all living things can not come about. 

Our thinking - which arises from the mind - is insignificant, 

infinitesimally small and insignificant.

Creation causes Destruction.

Destruction takes place so that something new can emerge. 

People are involved in this, more or less.

Everything follows an inherent intelligence.

If life is based on a set of meanings that elude the human mind, it doesn't matter how much 

unconsciousness there is, no-one is able to prevent the plan of the grand scheme of things.

The human mind is unable to grasp, understand, the totality.

Are you capable of using your intelligence consciously?

With the Ego, there is always someone who is of a different opinion; 

that will never lead to unity.

What is the motivation behind your action?

The attitude of "knowing better", "being right", leads to opposition.

Opposition leads to the hardening of fronts.

Wisdom is within you, within every person.

Outside of yourself you can look into the mirror of your mind.

Do you know the level beyond your mind, the body of inner wisdom.

Be courageous and experience yourself on a deeper level

To find what life means

This is where you will discover life.