Montag, 30. September 2019

The truth is beyond thoughts

The truth is beyond thoughts

If you recognize yourself in the other, that is recognition of oneness.

If you are able to perceive – 
not just the other human being, but your two beings, the oneness, 
in other human being or the other things.

That is what consciousness is. That is what love is.

If you recognize your reaction to what you have absorbed in the outside, within you.

If you realize your Reaction, of what you have perceived.

This is the beginning of deeper understanding of truth and the big picture, 

regarding all beeings, in the total sum of the being of all living things.

Then "The Other, Your Opposite" is important.

In the great process, in the sum of being of all beings, living things, 

our mind is insignificant  –  Infinitely small and insignificant.

You cannot understand the process of life – that is everything that happens to everybody.

The human mind is unable to grasp or understand the totality.

But you can know the truth by recognizing your reaction, 

by seeing your response to the other, within you.

Those who depend upon the intellect  –  are the many.

Those who belive in perception alone  –  are the few.

We see with our eyes and we see with our spirit.

Perceiving is the same as receiving.

We also think, but perception is the primary experience.

While thinking we consider that which we have perceived.

Thinking is the secondary experience.

There is no difference between thinking and relative living, a limited way of living.

Thinking leads to identification, confusion and fear.

There's fear, confusion; it's visible, it's human.

In times of hopelessness, fear and anger, It is hard to realize
that this is the time to be(come) awake and aware.

The Climate change and environmental pollution 
are challenges to become more conscious.

There is no reason to be afraid.